Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko | Full Episode 63

Due to pressure from his family, Nathan (Jason Abalos) married Rachel (Kris Bernal) even though he feels like he’s a woman at heart. Later on, he realized that he has to stay true to himself so he underwent sexual reassignment and transitioned to her new identity as Venus. Years later, Venus found the love of her life, Gavin (Rayver Cruz) and she wanted to marry him right away. Unfortunately, her ideal husband fell in love with Rachel instead, who turns out to be her ex-wife. Tensions arise between the former wedded couple as they fight for the heart of the man they truly love.

Watch full episodes of ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’ on and ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’ stars Kris Bernal as Rachel, Rayver Cruz as Gavin, and Thea Tolentino as Venus. Also in the cast are Juancho Trivino, Lotlot de Leon, Jean Saburit, Ricardo Cepeda, Phil Noble, Maricris Garcia, Analyn Barro, Caprice Cayetano, Matthias Rhoads, and Mela Franco Habijan. #AsawaKoKaribalKo #AsawaKoKaribalKoFullEpisode #KapusoRewind

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