Since I Found You: Week 13 Recap Part 1

Overwhelmed by the success of Golden Home for Children, Nathan becomes adamant in giving Dani the appreciation she rightly deserves. He then surpises Dani with fancy gifts to express his gratefulness. Not long after, Nathan musters his guts to ask his former girlfriend out on a date. His earnest attempts, however, prove difficult when Ginno tries to get in the way. Gary, meanwhile, gets a taste of his own medicine.

Wanting to get ahead of his competition with Ginno, a vindictive Nathan vows to do everything to win back Dani. Upon learning of his plan, Janice urges her boss not to use Dani as a pawn for revenge. This compels Nathan to reflect on his reasons for pursuing Dani. Later, Nathan makes up his mind as he continues to make amends with his former girlfriend. He and Ginno, soon, face off once again in an intense match.

Surviving the aftermath of a drunken night out, Nathan struggles with a hangover. He soon brings a thank-you gift to Dani upon realizing his misconduct. Not to be outdone easily, Ginno does the same thing for the woman he admires. These sweet gestures, soon, make Dani and her family become torn between the bachelors. Meanwhile, Gary’s devilish scheme backfires badly.

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Episode Cast:

Piolo Pascual (Nathan) / Arci Muñoz (Dani) / JC de Vera (Ginno) / Gee Canlas (Racquel) / Justine Peña (Moymoy) / Miho Nishida (Mayen, Maggie) / Kleggy Abaya (Dani’s friend) / Raffy Bonifacio (Dani’s friend) / Empoy Marquez (James) / Alessandra de Rossi (Janice) / Joey Marquez (Gerry) / Vivoree Esclito (AJ) / Michael de Mesa (Gary) / John Lapus (Watashi, Ronwaldo) / Kate Alejandrino (Lexie) / Carmi Martin (Regina) / Timothy Castillo (Toto) / Rhian Luisse Cornel (August) / Benj Manalo (Hector)

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