Gabo rejects Billy’s first proposal for Tinapay Corner | Make It With You Recap

Make It With You: Week 5 Recap – Part 2
Make It With You: February 13-14 Episodes

Billy (Liza Soberano) confidently flaunts her amazing ideas to Gabo (Enrique Gil) in her presentation for Tinapay Corner. Though very impressed by the proposal, the young Villarica remains adamant in putting up a front and giving her a tough time in his company. Billy then goes on a night out with Anna (Shaira Opsimar) and their co-workers to release some stress, only to get into an alarming situation. As guilt continues to gnaw at Gabo, he arrives at an important decision regarding his secret.

Gabo (Enrique Gil) arrives at the bar just in time to tend to the intoxicated Billy (Liza Soberano). Sputnik (Khalil Ramos) and Billy’s co-workers, on the other hand, grow overly worried after getting separated from the young Dimagiba. Back in Nueva Valencia, Tony (Herbert Bautista) and Helen (Katya Santos) wait for Billy to come home. Meanwhile, Rio (Katarina Rodriguez) turn restless when she fails to reach her boyfriend’s phone.

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Recap Cast:
Enrique Gil (Gabo) / Liza Soberano (Billy, Belinda) / Ian Veneracion (Ted) / Herbert Bautista (Tony) / Pokwang (Gabo’s aunt) / Eddie Gutierrez (Aga) / Khalil Ramos (Sputnik, Stephen) / Katya Santos (Helen) / Vangie Labalan (Iling) / Anthony Jennings (Rhamboy) / Daniela Stranner (Cesca) / Katarina Rodriguez (Rio) / Hero Bautista (Monsy) / Mark Obera (Billy’s neighbor) / Marnie Lapus (Esmie) / Mary Grace Lagos (Billy’s neighbor) / Ethyl Ann Osorio (Pearly) / Maronne Cruz (Germalyn) / Jachin Manere (Jenna)

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